国内展会    2020-05-13    20
展会日期 2020-07-15 至 2020-07-17
展出城市 上海
展出地址 上海浦东新国际博览中心
展馆名称 上海浦东新国际博览中心
主办单位 上海市建筑材料行业协会

ES BUILD  亚洲绿色建筑建材第一展 ES BUILD  The First Exhibition of Green Building Exhibition in Asia 展会宗旨:全面提供绿色建筑整体解决方案,促进地产工程项目对接 Orientation: Providing the overall solution to green buildings; Promoting the linkage of real estate projects 联系人:何伟 先生   手机/微信:13671856722 电话:021-64930917 第二十二届上海国际别墅暨商用建筑配套设施博览会 The 20th Shanghai International Villa & Commercial Building Matching Facilities Expo 同期举办:第二十九届中国(上海)国际绿色建材及室内装饰博览会 The Exhibitions Held during the Same Period: The 29th China(Shanghai) International Green Buildings and Interior Decoration Expo 上届回顾: “第二十一届上海国际别墅及商用建筑配套设施博览会”由上海市建筑材料行业协会、上海现代国际展览有限公司联手打造,旨在为各类高端别墅及高端商用建筑配套设施提供一个最为良好的市场营销推广平台。上届展会于2019年7月17-19日在上新国际博览中心胜利闭幕。 Villaexpo 2019历经十九年的发展,已经成为我国别墅及高端商用建筑配套产品行业规模最大、影响力最广的专业展览会。展会集中展示了顶级设计机构、高端装饰建材、集成度假别墅、地下空间工程技术、家居智能化系统、室内高端舒适系统、别墅休闲设施及景观材料等最新的建材行业产品与技术,对于高档别墅暨暨高端商用建筑装饰装修的材料制造、供应商市场而言,无疑是蕴藏着行业发展以及产品推广之绝佳机遇。  Review: The 20th Shanghai International Villa & Commercial Building Matching Facilities Expo was organized by both Shanghai Building Material Industry Association and Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co.ltd, aiming to provide a best marketing platform for all kinds of high-end villas and commercial building facilities. During the period from July 5th to July 7th in 2017, the 13th show enjoyed a successful concluding in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Due to the development of 19 years, Villaexpo 2018 has become the largest and most influential professional exhibition of accessory products villas and high-end commercial building in China. The exhibition focuses on the latest products and technology of building materials, such as top design institutes, high-end decorative building materials, integrated holiday villas, engineering technology of underground space, home intelligent system, indoor high-end and comfort system, villa leisure facilities and landscape materials. For the production of decoration materials for high-end commercial building and supplier market, this Expo provides undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for industry development and product promotion. 同期举办的ES BUILD 2019启用了上海新国际博览中心12个展馆,展出面积近150000平方米,近1200家参展企业盛装参展,展会现场近101250名专业观众(其中国内观众93150人,境外观众8100人)、200多家媒体参与宣传、现场举办了近40场主题论坛的整体形象、进一步巩固了“绿色建筑建材亚洲第一展”的地位。据往届展商集中反映,参加别墅暨商业建筑配套展让他们的产品在最高端的人群中树立了品牌意识,同时希望能将别墅暨商业建筑配套展以高档绿色建材展方面作为一个主题与建材展协同展出,在客户群中建立起品牌并通过展览活动逐渐推广建筑建材,最终体现出高端客户高端要求这一理念。 Villaexpo 2019在为期三天的展会,共吸引了来自中国各省市及香港台湾、英国、奥地利、比利时、德国、法国、俄罗斯、韩国、加拿大、马来西亚、美国、日本、澳大利亚、新西兰、瑞典、意大利、巴西、印度等数十个国家及地区的227家建材企业参展。其中,国内参展商有176家,国外参展商有51家。在高端建材展区,专业观众参观人数达到33221人次,国外观众占18%,展会不但吸引了国内外专业的建筑材料生产、经销企业参观,还吸引了国内外众多房地产开发单位、建设单位、设计单位、施工单位、政府行业等相关管理部门、相关科研院所、项目业主、采购商及经销商的参与和关注,因而也成为迄今为止国内规模最大、最为专业的绿色建筑建材博览会! In the same period, with more than 1200 exhibitors’ attendance, ES BUILD 2018 utilized 7 pavilions in the Shanghai New International Expo Center, covering about 150000㎡. There were 101,250 professional visitors(93150 visitors from China while 8100 from aboard), over 200 media involved in promotion and about 40 theme forums, which strengthened its importance as ‘The First Exhibition of Green Building Exhibition in Asia’. According to the previous exhibitors’ concentrated reflection, participating in this Expo made their products enjoy the brand awareness in the most high-end crowd, and they hoped that this Expo could regard high-end green building materials exhibition as a theme held in the same period to set up a brand in the customers and gradually promote the building materials through exhibition activities, finally reflecting the concept that high-end customers demand for high-end. This three-day Expo attracted 227 building materials companies from 10 countries and regions, including provinces in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, India. Among them, there are 176 domestic companies and 51 foreign companies. In exhibition area for high-end building material, there were 33221 professional visitors, 18% of which were foreign visitors. This Expo not only attracted professional companies home and abroad for producing and distributing building materials but also attracted the participation and attention of many domestic and foreign real estate development units, construction units, design units, construction units, government departments and other relevant management departments, research institutes, project owners, buyers and distributors involved, making the largest and most professional expo for  green building materials so far ! 2018年7月,展会将启用上海新国际博览中心7个展馆,展出面积近100000平方米。新的时间、新的商机、新的市场,我们将一如既往在上海新国际博览中心等候您的莅临! In July 2018, this Expo will utilize 7 pavilion in Shanghai New International Expo Center, covering 100000㎡. We are expecting your attendance as usual at The 20th Shanghai International Villa & Commercial Building Matching Facilities Expo featuring new hosting time, new exhibiting scale as well as new great opportunities at Shanghai New International Expo Center. 展会一览: 展览时间: 2020年7月15-17日   Information: Time: From July 15th to July 17th in 2020 展览地点:上海浦东新国际博览中心(龙阳路2345号) Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345, Longyang Road) 展览规模:  100000平方米(E1-E7 ) Scale: 100000㎡(E1-E7) 主办单位:中国贸促会建设行业分会           上海市建筑材料行业协会 上海现代国际展览有限公司 Organizers: China Urban Development Committee of CCPIT           Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association           Shanghai New International Expo Center 鸣谢单位:中国工程建设标准化协会        上海市建设科技推广中心 Acknowledgement: China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization                  Shanghai Center for Promoting Building Materials 同期活动:  企业自主创新论坛 ( Villaexpo 2018三天展会共40余场演讲,累计吸引超过2000人次听讲,主题涵盖建筑设计、建筑维护结构、建筑舒适系统、绿色装饰建材等,现场反映热烈。) The Exhibition Held during the Same Period: Enterprise Independent Innovation Forum (In three-day Villaexpo 2017, there were more than 40 speeches, attracting more than 2,000 attendees. The theme of the Expo covered architectural design, building maintenance, building comfort system and green decorative building materials and so on, attracting warm response. ) 高端别墅装饰风尚趋势高峰论坛、中外建筑师高峰论坛等活动 The Decoration Trend for High-end Villa Summit, The Chinese and Foreign Architect Summit and other summits.  展示内容: ◆ 别墅项目: (独立、联排、双拼、叠加式)别墅、户外休闲民宿、花园洋房、木别墅、轻钢别墅等; Exhibits: ◆ Villa project: (Independent, townhouses, semi-detached, superimposed) villas, outdoor homestay for leisure, garden houses, wooden villas, light steel villas and etc. ◆ 别墅及商业建筑屋面瓦材及落水系统: ◇各种新型瓦材:沥青瓦(彩色玻纤瓦)、彩石金属瓦、陶土瓦、太阳能光伏瓦/光电瓦、光伏陶瓷瓦、琉璃瓦、PVC瓦、玻璃钢瓦、UPVC隔热瓦、合成树脂瓦、墙面砖、外墙挂板、石材、马赛克等; ◆ Roofing tiles and drainage Systems for villa and commercial building: ◇New tiles: Asphalt shingles (color fiberglass tiles), color metal tile, clay tile, solar photovoltaic tile / photovoltaic tile, photovoltaic ceramic tile, glazed tile, PVC tile, glass steel tile, UPVC insulation tile, synthetic resin tile, wall tile, exterior wall cladding, stone, mosaic and etc; ◇太阳能光伏建筑一体化(BIPV)技术(屋面及幕墙) ◇BIPV technology (roofing and curtain wall) ◇各种新型屋面落水系统:落水天沟(彩铝、PVC)落水系统、陶土板(护墙板、挂件)、FRP采光板等。 ◇New roofing gutter system: water-falling gutter system (color aluminum, PVC), clay plate (wall panels, pendants), FRP daylighting panels, etc. ◇各种新型防水卷材、斜屋顶天窗、金属屋面和轻型坡屋面系统、扶脊木架及绿色节能屋面系统产品 ◇Various new waterproofing membranes, sloping roof skylight, metal roofing and light pitched roof systems, ridge-mounting timber and products of green energy-saving roofing systems. ◆ 别墅及商业建筑地面生态道路应用材料: : 彩色透水混凝土、透水砖、陶土烧结砖、劈开砖、透水石、仿古砖、高粘弹超级砼、(再生沥青、防滑耐污、植草装饰透水)路面材料、雨水收集回用处理系统、人工湿地生态系统、地下智能管网系统等; ◆Materials related to the application of ecological road into villas and commercial buildings: Color pervious concrete, water permeable brick, clay vitrified brick, split brick, water permeable stone, archaized brick, super concrete with high viscoelastic, (recycled asphalt, stain resistance and slip resistance, permeable grass decoration) pavement materials, rainwater collecting and reuse processing system, wetland ecosystem, underground smart pipe network system and etc.; ◆ 别墅及商业建筑地下空间工程技术系统: 别墅地下室防渗漏系统、防渗化学胶水、防水砂浆、接缝抗裂胶、自动冲水厕所系统等; ◆Underground space engineering and technology systems of villas and commercial buildings:  anti-seep system in villa basement, anti-seep chemical glue, waterproof mortar, cracked seams, automatic flushing toilet system and etc; ◆ 别墅及商业建筑智能家居系统: 楼宇自控、综合布线、安防门禁、影音娱乐系统、智能遮阳、物联网等家居智能化产品; ◆Smart housing system of villas and commercial buildings:  building automation, integrated wiring, security door, audio-visual entertainment systems, smart shade, IOT and other smart home products; ◆ 别墅门窗及高端建筑室内装饰类: 高档门窗、阳光房、纱窗、楼梯、高档地板、(红木)家具、灯饰、铁艺和其它金属装饰件、橱柜、衣柜、智能鞋柜、陶瓷卫浴、墙纸壁布、窗帘布艺、壁炉、装饰画艺术、奢侈品等; ◆Windows, doors and high-end interior decoration for villas: high-end windows and doors, sunlight room, screen window, staircase, upscale floor, (mahogany) furniture, lighting, iron arts and other metal decorative pieces, cabinets, wardrobes, smart shoe cabinet, ceramic bathroom, wallpaper wall covering, curtain fabric, fireplace, decorative paintings, luxury goods and etc; ◆别墅及高端建筑舒适系统: 私家电梯、智能车库、酒窖及冷藏系统、中央空调系统、中央水处理系统、净水设备、中央采暖、地热地暖系统、太阳能屋面、光电节能、电子驱蚊系统、空气净化器、中央音响系统、中央新风吸尘系统等; ◆Comfort system of villa and high-end building:  private elevator, smart garage, wine cellar and refrigeration system, central air-conditioning system, central water-processing system, water-purifying equipment, centralized heating, heating and geothermal system, solar roofing, photovoltaic energy-saving, electronic mosquito-repellent system, air purifier, central sound system , central dust suction system and etc; ◆ 别墅及高端建筑设计及环境艺术: 别墅装饰及设计机构、庭院景观设计及施工、木屋、阳光房、仿真茅草瓦、艺术雕塑、文化石、透水砖、园艺防腐木、塑木、PVC护栏、竹木制品、钢花铁艺、遮阳用品、户外烤炉、户外休闲家具等; ◆Design and environmental arts for villa and high-end building: agency for villa decoration and design, garden landscape design and construction, wooden house, sunlight room, simulating synthetic thatch, art sculpture, culture stone, permeable brick, antiseptic wood for garden, plastic wood, PVC fence, bamboo products, steel flowers and other iron-made arts; sunshade products, outdoor ovens, furniture for outdoor leisure and etc; ◆ 别墅及及高端建筑娱乐休闲健身产品: 室内模拟高尔夫、高档台球桌、游艇、保龄球、高档健身器材、桑拿、汗蒸房、SPA、泳池设备等; ◆Products of entertainment, leisure and fitness for villa and high-end buildings: Indoor simulating golf , upscale pool table, yachts, bowling, high-end fitness equipment, sauna, steam room, SPA, swimming pool equipment and etc; ◆ 其它相关别墅及高端建筑配套产品。 ◆Auxiliary?product for some ?villa and high-end building. 参展费用                                                                                             ?标准展位(3m×3m)=9m2     Fee ?Standard Booth: (3m×3m)=9m2 ?光地(最低租用面积为36 m2,光地地毯、水、电、气及特殊装修管理费等另算,双开口展位加10%费用。) ?Bare Space(The lowest renting area is 36㎡; Extra fee for carpet, water, electricity, gas and management for special decoration; another 10% fee for corner booth) 展位类型 国际区 国内区 标准展位 国际展商 国内展商 RMB 13800 USD 2800 RMB 15800 光地/m2 USD 280 RMB 1580 RMB 1380 Type International Pavilion Domestic Pavilion Standard Booth International Exhibitors Domestic Exhibitors RMB 13800 USD 2800 RMB 15800 Bare Space/㎡ USD 280 RMB 1580 RMB 1380 会刊广告:(展会会刊:尺寸140mm×210mm):  Advertising in the Show Catalogue( Show Catalogue: 140mm×210mm) 封二:RMB 12,000  封三:RMB 10,000  封 底:RMB15,000元  门 票:5000元/万张 Inside the Front Cover: RMB 12000   Inside the Back Cover: RMB 10000  Back Cover: 15000                Ticket: 5000 RMB for 10000 tickets  内页:RMB 6,000   礼品袋广告:18000元/5000只(尺寸295×410mm) Inside Page: RMB 6000   Advertisement on gift bags: 18000 RMB for 5000 pieces (295×410mm) 展位申请及安排 ※ 参展企业认真填写?参展申请及合约?并加盖公章传真或通过邮件形式至组委会。 Booth Application and Arrangement  ※ Exhibitors fill in and seal the Exhibition Application and Contract and then send to the Committee through fax and E-mail. ※ 参展企业申请得到组委会确认后,一周内将参展费用[50%(预付款)或全款]电汇或交至组委会,其余展位费需在展览会开幕一个月前付清。 ※ After receiving the confirmation of the committee, exhibitors should pay the fee[ 50% (advance payment) or full payment ] in a week, the rest fee should be paid in a month before the opening of the show.  参展咨询及联络方式 地  址:上海市黄埔区盛泽路8号宁东大厦18楼 Enquiry and Contacts Address: Room 1701, East Huaihai Building, No 128, Puan Road, Luwan District, Shanghai.  邮  编:201102 Postcode: 201102 电 话:86-21-6493 0917 Phone Number: 86-21-6493 0917 手机:13671856722 Phone:13671856722 传 真:86-21-6493 0916 Fax: 86-21-6493 0916 联系人:何伟